IronWest Films

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All In
82 Min. Feature Film

When an ordinary poker night is hijacked by an unwelcomed guest in search of his missing money, five friends reveal secrets of betrayal as the night turns violent and the ante is raised to life or death.

Unmental Health
Short Film

A look both inside and outside a mental patients mind.

Killer Camera Monsters
Post Production

A young man discovers his camera is possessed which gives an opportunity of sweet monster revenge.

Director: Ryan McBay

Writer: Ryan McBay

Producer: Ryan McBay, Chey Hayes, Chanty Sok, Bruce Nachsin

Stars: Philip Orazio

Alpine Thunderbird

Skier and Snowboarder film filled with action, parties, and saving Grandma Sausages business from a greedy businessman who intends to restructure the local resort.

Writer: Joe Bohn

Story By: Ryan McBay

Model Mansion

Classic tale of 2 college guys restarting a failed model agency to help models... of course.

Writer: Rideaux Baldwin

Story By: Ryan McBay

UpSide Down

Orphaned down syndrome teenagers change the lives of three filmmakers who make a documentary film about them.

Writer: Marek Matousek

Story By: Marek Matousek